A vineyard’s soil in which a grape vine grows is at the heart of a wine’s uniqueness. Soil chemistry, microbiology, structure & geology are variable, even from within relatively small areas of a vineyard.

‘Erth’ represents a small patch or block, or even rows of vines, of our certified sustainable family of growers. Through a traditional, low interference winemaking method, a small parcel of grapes are picked and wine is naturally created to reflect the location, the environment, the earth in which the grapes were grown.


Heathcote Erth from Upper Wil’s Block of the Hamilton Family Vineyard is our first offering of this range.

(Note: Heathcote Erth Shiraz is not sold direct to public from our family business.

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Top image: The Cambrian rock & clay ‘Erth’ of Upper Wil’s Block, Hamilton Vineyard, Heathcote.